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The five elements of nature -land, water, air, fire, and atmosphere – constitute the ground. Any change in these elements is likely to influence the balance of the other components. Any change in the environment affects all living organisms including man. In the dawn of human civilizations, individual was interfering with the environment. For his needs of timber, he cuts trees and thus depleted the forest wealth. Human activities are the fundamental causes of all sorts of pollution in every area of the world. It’s like digging one’s own grave. The selfish nature of human beings is the source of environmental degradation. What he does now in polluting the environment will bring havoc to the future generations.

The single human activity that’s most likely to have a fantastic effect on the climate is that the burning of”fossil fuels” such as oil, coal and natural gas. As people burn more fossil fuel for energy, they include more CO2 into the atmosphere. If it goes on long enough, the average temperature of the air will rise. This will result in global warming.

The dust is a common pollutant. The experimental results have demonstrated that this dust causes a decline in the size and number of leaves in plants and their growth. The fuel in planes on combustion generates sculpture dioxide a pollutant. The sculpture dioxide forms sulfurous and the sulfuric acids that are poisonous. There are a number of businesses which discharge sulfides, nitrites, sulfates, phosphates, etc., in river water which makes it unfit for drinking. The organic compounds that are discharged from businesses alter the pH and amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. The fertilizer factories always include sodium; potassium etc., to the soil. These will enter the food chain into human beings and are responsible for any number of diseases.

Noise pollution affects human health, comfort, and efficiency. It causes contraction of blood vessels and makes the skin light. Buildings undergo physical harm like cracks as additionally broken doors, windows, glasses, etc., by a sudden and explosive sound. Marine pollution poses a serious danger to marine animals. According to an estimate, in a hospital, about one and a half kilogram of waste is generated per bed daily.

It’s said that”man is a civilized creature”, but when he can’t continue to love and be affectionate to the gorgeous earth where he lives, he could no longer be called ‘civilized’. Rapid urbanization, modernization and increasing concentration of businesses have caused havoc in the environment. Every person has the fundamental right to protest against the establishment of businesses near residential areas.

If you can afford to give up the habit of smoking, that itself could be a terrific contribution towards environmental protection. Everybody must plant trees as many as possible and contribute to the process of forestation. A tree could be cut only after planting ten saplings. Use of bicycles might be encouraged. Toilet culture has to be taught to young individuals. Individuals must keep their vehicles match on the streets to decrease noise and air pollution. Youth associations and welfare institutions should be formed. Corruption and malpractices play with an indirect but crucial role in sabotaging environmental security.

A secure environment is a key to healthy living. We spend billions on health care. All this money can be saved with a concerted and conscious drive by private and government partnership to have a clean environment.

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