The Unpopular Truth About Spaying and Neutering Pets

Spaying or neutering your pets is never easy, but it is crucial. The Humane Society, Urban Leagues around the country, the Veterinary Medical Association, and the American Animal Hospitals Association are among the many pet welfare and community companies that firmly encourage spaying as well as neutering pets. It is one of the most thoughtful methods to deal with the ever-increasing issue of pet overpopulation.

Myths and Facts About Spaying and Neutering

Spaying and neutering your pets have turned into politically correct, as well as owners of unchanged pets are commonly viewed as irresponsible and uncaring. The sad thing is, rather than research, individuals’ belief in the effectiveness of these treatments is founded on false impressions. If the facts were generally understood, the owners would certainly reevaluate going through such radical surgical treatment.

Myth #1: It prevents pet overpopulation.

Fact: Dog spaying, as well as neutering, is a distinctly North American technique. Many other continents don’t do that regularly, also in shelters, and they have not been invaded with dogs yet. Folks that spay and neuter their pets in the hopes of decreasing pet overpopulation are usually the same people that are currently attentive and responsible enough to manage their pets.

Myth #2: It makes the dog healthier, and it prevents cancer.

Fact: This is the stuff of urban legends. There is no clinical proof to support such a claim. All breeds would certainly have died long ago if pet dogs were thus susceptible to cancer with their bodies intact. In addition, spaying, as well as neutering, have a dark side that practically no one discusses, as well as it has to do with several reproductive hormone features that aren’t taken into consideration.

Myth #3: Spayed and neutered dogs do not runoff, and they do not mark their territory.

Fact: On the surface, this is correct, but the reasoning behind it is not. Let’s take a look at any kind of gang of rogue canines. Put simply, there is an alpha couple who leads the pack, followed by the rest of the team. The alpha couple’s companions are the only ones who have been spayed or neutered. So, without the need for leashes, fences, or medical blades, one pet may maintain numerous sexually intact pack members in control for years. 

Moreover, because they will certainly never be the alpha, a lot of those pets will certainly never mate throughout their lives. In spite of this, none of them will flee the group in search of a buddy. Visit for more information.

Myth #4: Having a female dog in the heat makes it impossible to clean the house.

Fact: It is up to you, the owner, to choose where a female needs to be housed throughout her period. She could be looked after in a non-carpeted place of the house or a kennel. If you visit any type of pet store, you’ll locate different things to aid you with this concern, consisting of feminine diapers she can use at home. Female pet dogs just cycle twice a year, and the amount of blood they shed is just a few drops at a time. Click here to learn more.


Pet dogs have an overpopulation issue. In any type of given year, there are about 6 million homeless pets in pet shelters. A number of these animals will, unfortunately, certainly never find a home. Become part of a responsible pet owner society by acquiring your pet dog spayed to help maintain the population down and decrease the number of pets sent to pet sanctuaries. Several areas have programs in place to help with the price of spaying and neutering.

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