5 Easy Ways to Remove Mold from Basement Walls

The most typical type of mold you’ll find in your house is mold in the basement. The basement is underground and is typically not as well developed as the rest of the house, making it the perfect breeding place for mold. It’s often a storage space with little heat, and it’s also a place where moisture can accumulate due to condensation on pipes or even a leak. If you do not watch the conditions, such as excess moisture and dampness, which are good breeding grounds for basement mold, mold can really grow in the basement.

How to Get Rid of Basement Mold

Basement mold is a common issue in homes. When interior humidity is high and moisture from water leaks is there, mold develops. Mold can be recognized by the presence of black specks on wet, water-damaged places. Here are some simple yet effective ways to get rid of mold in your basement.

1. Wear protective clothing.

Wear protective clothes before starting. All are advised to wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants or overalls, boots, latex or workingman gloves that reach up to the forearm, cap, and a full-face respirator mask. Eye goggles will increase your protection a lot more. After wearing your protective clothing, you will be completely protected from skin disorders, asthma, allergies, and eye irritations. Learn more right here.

2. Find the source of the water leak.

Find all potential entry points for water and get them repaired or sealed. Possible causes include leaking flooring, ceilings from above, pipelines and water system leaks, and access sites throughout floods. In addition, water seeps in due to faults in the construction and poor maintenance.

3. Identify all infested places.

Locate all mold-infested places in the basement. These are often seen on the backsides of paneling, wallpaper, carpets, and wood and wood items. Basement mold is likely to be present without any visible evidence of mold, however, a moldy smell abounds.

4. Scrub the surfaces.

Scrub hard surfaces with a brush or scouring pad soaked in warm water and mild laundry detergent if mold is visible. Allow time for drying. Then wipe the area with a home-remedy fungicide and wait 20 minutes. Repeat and wait for 20 minutes. Use a detergent solution that contains borate as one of its active ingredients to wipe the surface area. There is no need to rinse.

5. Spray some fungicide.

Fill a sprayer with fungicide and apply two coats to the basement’s walls, pipes, ceiling, and other mold-infested places. Then, for one to two hours, immediately fan-dry the room to eliminate excess moisture. Visit puroclean.com for more details about mold removal.


When you discover that you have mold in your basement, the first thing you need to do is find out the source of the mold. If you find leaks or excess moisture, you need to address the problem immediately to avoid the moisture returning and the mold spreading.

Then you’ll need to take care of basement mold removal. Mold removal can be achieved with a variety of sprays and cleaners offered on the marketplace. Finally, you need to make sure that the area is completely dry after cleaning up to avoid basement mold from returning.

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