Common Home Fire Hazards

When you purchase a home appliance, you have certain expectations. Air conditioners are supposed to cool the air, while water heaters give you a lovely warm shower. Sure, they could break down, but you probably did not expect these sleek-looking gadgets to become potentially lethal fire hazards. While you may not eliminate all concealed fire hazards in your house, a dependable fire alarm system can give early detection that will protect your family and property.

Unexpected Fire Hazards at Your Home

While cooking is the most common cause of home fires, there are numerous other ways to start in a home. Under the right conditions, even objects that appear to be harmless can ignite a fire. Here are some examples of unexpected house fire hazards, as well as precautions you may take to protect yourself and your family.


The same thing that cools the space is also the most prone to catch fire in it. Among the most popular electrical household appliances, air conditioning fires are the most common. The worst aspect is that air-conditioning fires can occur even if the unit appears to be turned off when it is actually on standby.

Air-conditioning fires can originate either at the interior unit or at the condensing room. The things close to the air-conditioning unit, such as drapes, exacerbate this home fire threat indoors. When it comes to air conditioning repairs, always contact an expert. Visit this link to view additional information.

Garbage Chute

Garbage chutes are an unavoidable part of living in a high-rise apartment. Garbage chute fires are becoming more common, not only because they are a source of the odor and a pest entry point. A garbage chute fire may not cause your house to burn down, but it can bring smoke, soot, and the smell of burned waste into your home, which can linger for months.

In any case, proceed with caution when dumping trash down the chute. Flammable goods, such as spray cans, may burst or explode from 10 stories high. Throwing anything scorching down the drain, such as hot cooking oil, is also a bad idea. Any burning odor coming from the garbage chute should be reported right away.

Washing Machine

Washing machines are the top cause of house fires worldwide. These mechanical sock stealers are responsible for almost 14% of all house fires. The fact that washing machines are rarely watched is why they are a severe home fire hazard.

You are probably not near it when it is running, so you will not be able to respond quickly enough to a bit of fire, enough time for the seemingly harmless machine to turn into a raging inferno. Service your washing machine regularly, as directed by the manufacturer. For fire damage restoration, you should contact your nearest fire restoration company.

Water Heater

Water heaters are listed as a home fire danger under lights and air conditioning. Water heaters are prone to flames because they generate a lot of heat, which gets trapped near their electrical wiring. Also, one of the items that many forget to turn off is their water heater.

If the red light on the heater switch isn’t enough of a warning, the red light on the thermostat is. Put a little label with the words “off heater” on your bedroom light switch as a discreet reminder. Alternatively, purchase a heater with an auto-off timer.


Although these are not the only causes of house fires, they are the most common and frequently disregarded hazards. Your home is at greater risk of a house fire if you are not careful with grills, smoking, hair appliances, and light bulbs. If your house catches fire, call 911 to put it out, and then contact a fire damage restoration company to help you get it back to its former condition.

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