Emergency Care for Your Pet

Nothing is more terrifying than finding out that your pet suddenly became sick without notice. In a state of panic, you call your vet’s office, but they are closed and recommend an emergency vet after hours. You realize on the approach to the facility that this doctor won’t know your dog nor access to his medical record. In addition, the staff will not know that your dog requires a push to step up on the scale and not allow him to eat food from strangers.

Like humans, pets also get sick and require immediate medical attention. We’ll look at what conditions need immediate treatment and what you should do in certain instances.

How to Tell If Your Pet Requires Emergency Care?

You need to be ready for any emergency situation that might occur.

It’s difficult to know when your pet needs emergency medical attention. Be aware of indications and signs that you need to visit an Emergency Vet. If you’re not sure, seek assistance from your veterinarian or Matthews emergency vet.

Basic First Aid

Please keep in mind that doing first aid on your pet is not intended to substitute for veterinary treatment. Its main purpose is to help stabilize your pet in preparation for a visit to your vet or an emergency clinic.


Begin by muzzling your pet. Then, cover the wound with a gauze pad. Next, apply pressure to your hands until the blood clots. It could take several minutes. To stop severe leg bleeding, you will need an elastic tourniquet made of gauze or a band. Contact and go to the vet right away.


Remove any items that might hurt your pet. Do not try to keep them away. Instead, when the seizures have gone away, keep your pet warm and contact your veterinarian.


Put a muzzle on your pet. Then, for transport to the veterinarian, lay your pet on a flat surface. As much as you can attach the stretcher to them without inflicting any harm.


Be aware of your pet’s bites coming out of fear. You should look for objects in your pet’s mouth. If you can, you can try to remove them. But, take care not to push the thing into their neck. If the situation is difficult, don’t waste time on it. You might be squandering precious time, take your pet to a vet as soon as possible.

They are available to help you late in the evening during holidays, weekends, and on the weekend, or whenever you can’t contact your primary health care provider. Carolina Veterinary Specialists Matthews has veterinarians with a high level of training in emergency care and triages veterinary medicine. Learn more about cat and dog neurology here.


Monitoring, diagnostic tests, and treatment for your pet’s emergency care may be pricey. With emergency savings or pet insurance policies, it’s easier to prepare to deal with unexpected situations. However, delaying emergency care can expose your pet to risk. It is therefore essential to think about this before deciding to adopt a pet.

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