Fire and Smoke Damage: How to Start Cleaning and Restoring Your Home

Nobody wants to be a part of a house fire, much less suffer from the blaze. No matter how much we try to avoid it, we must be prepared to become the sad victims of this pervasive home risk. Aside from the traumatic experience that homeowners may have, cleaning up the damaged area and mending items like curtains, furniture, clothes, and carpets may be difficult. If our home has been damaged by fire or smoke, we must know what to do next.

Cleaning and Restoration after a Fire and Smoke Damage

Wearing protective gear is one way to protect oneself from the hazards of these dangerous particles: dust, soot, and poisonous gasses. Tips for fire damage cleanup and restoring your home are provided below.

Cleaning Process

Before you begin, decide on the kind and amount of cleaning supplies you’ll need. Depending on the fire and smoke damage degree, you may need to apply gentle or abrasive cleaners.

Trisodium phosphate (TSP), a chemical often used for cleaning outdoor surfaces, is an excellent cleaning agent for fire and smoke damage. Because TSP may cause abrasions, skin burns, and eye damage, don’t begin cleaning until you’ve donned protective clothing and eye protection and are completely safe. Ascertain that you have an adequate supply of rags, sponges, buckets, bleach, and warm water.


Check the label for instructions and follow them carefully before combining the chemical with the proper amount of bleach or warm water to create a solution. Scrub each area with a scouring sponge, one at a time, until it is clean. Use a clean cloth and water to rinse the little area once it has been cleaned. Allowing TSP to stay on the surface for a lengthy time may cause damage to and discoloration of the wall or flooring surface.


Hire an Expert

Fire and smoke may spread to any place, and restoring the damage may be more difficult than anticipated. However, even if they don’t seem to be dirty or damaged, all house areas, from the ceiling and walls to the floors and carpets to the furniture, should be cleaned to a suitable standard. 


When it comes to cleaning, ask for the help of friends or family members. However, if the damage is significant and broad, it is more practical to hire a professional to do the work. PuroClean of Canada responds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and sends a team of experts to your location right away.


If your paint is peeling or your wallpaper is bubbling, you can restore the condition of your home. However, even if the walls and ceiling are beyond repair, they must be thoroughly cleaned to eliminate dust, soot, and potentially harmful odors. If you have a fire, the best course of action is to call a professional who will assess the damage and provide you with a cleaning and restoration service that can transform your burned house into the home you’ve always desired.

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