How Frequently Must Pets Visit the Veterinarian for Physical Examinations?

Although it may seem contradictory, you should visit the veterinarian even if your pet appears perfectly healthy. Their age mostly determines the frequency of your pet’s checks. In the same way that people require more medical care at the beginning and end of our lives, your pet will require more vet appointments in their first year and when they reach old age.

How often should pets see a vet?

This article will discuss when pets of various ages should have a veterinary checkup.

Up to One Year of Age

When you welcome a kitten or puppy into your house, they are four months old. If they are young, you should take them to the veterinarian every three to four weeks for vaccines and a thorough physical examination. All newborn animals must undergo vaccinations and disease screenings.


Most pups and kittens are spayed or neutered around four months. Additionally, flea medication may be offered, depending on whether or not the animal was a stray. It is essential to take a kitten or puppy to the veterinarian frequently during their first year to ensure optimal growth and health.

Adult Years

After the first year, cats and dogs typically only need to visit the animal hospital or veterinary clinic once a year. During this annual vet visit, the animals will be thoroughly examined for any signs of disease. Moreover, updated booster injections will be delivered during annual checkups.


Nevertheless, it is essential to emphasize that animals can readily visit a local veterinarian more than once a year if something is wrong. If your pet displays signs of pain or illness, you must immediately take it to the animal hospital. This allows the veterinarian to handle the issues like dental surgery quickly instead of waiting until the animal’s yearly examination.

The Senior Years

Similar to humans, when animals age, they require greater medical care. Veterinarians advise that elderly animals be examined twice per year instead of once yearly. In addition to a routine physical exam and necessary immunizations, senior pets may require additional health tests during their session.


These tests may include a check for past abnormalities and blood and urine testing to ensure the internal organs are healthy and functioning properly. During checkups for older pets, owners should mention any changes in their pet’s health or behavior to ensure the best care. Check the  “visit websitelink on your vets social media account to learn more about the services they provide. 


Take your pet to the veterinarian if difficulties arise, such as if the dog appears sick or is engaged in an accident. Every dog needs affection and attention, proper nutrition and exercise, and veterinary care when necessary. Regular veterinary check ups can aid in keeping your pet as healthy as possible. Annual examinations are essential for your pet’s health because they enable us to detect, treat, and prevent problems before they become life-threatening. Therefore, keep this information in mind and ensure your pet receives necessary veterinary care.

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